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1. Peshmerga (Kurdish military) uniform top. Patches indicate soldier was based in the Sinjar region in the fight against ISIL. Found in hotel in Duhok, northern Iraqi Kurdistan. 

2. Pins from Israeli tear gas and stun grenades. Found on ground in the village of Tuqu' between the Elementary and Secondary schools.

3. Marble used in slingshot by Palestinian youths against Israeli security forces in Bethlehem.

4. 15mm steel coated rubber bullet. Fired with 14 others from the 'anti demonstrator' rifle launcher manufactured by Israeli Military Industries. Found on the street in Bethlehem.

5. Rubber bullet fired from rifle attachment named 'the tampon' by Israeli soldiers. Found on roof of youth centre in Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem.

6. Impacted bullet. Found in a pre-1967 Jordanian police station in the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea. The police station and surrounding area are now designated a military firing zone and occasionally used as a training ground by the Israeli military.

7. A hand draw and digitally coloured sketch (by me) of a Palestinian soldier in a meeting with the town leader of Tuqu'. The soldier is a member of the Palestinian District Liaison Office. It is their job to coordinator with the Israelis military and civil administration in practical matters such as prisoner returns and permits.

8. A field notebook from my time in Palestine/Israel and Iraqi Kurdistan

9. Alcohol sterilising swabs. Used as an effective means for countering the effects of minor to moderate tear gas exposure when placed over and in the nose. 

10. Empty tear gas canister shell.

11. Playing volleyball with the teachers of Tuqu' Secondary Boys School after end of the 2015/16 exam (and marking) period.

12. hand draw and digitally coloured sketch of an interaction between me and an Israeli border security officer as she goes through my phone during the 8 hours of waiting and interrogation on entering the West Bank from Jordan.

13. Candy from Abu Yad.

14. One of my sketchbooks from Palestine/Israel and Iraqi Kurdistan. Image is a sketch from memory of a scene I witnessed in Jerusalem one night of Israeli motorbike police detaining a Palestinian man next to the walls of the old city.

15. Saddam Hussein and 'Chemical Ali' Ali Hassan Abdal Majid al-Tikriti from a copy of the deck of cards given to US soldiers prior to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. The deck was designed to familiarise soldiers with senior members of the Iraqi governing Ba'ath party and military the US government wanted to capture. 'Chemical Ali' was responsible for most of the violent campaigns against the Kurdish population in northern Iraq in the 1980s.

16. 'A Guide to Field Investigation' produced by Al-Haq, a human rights monitoring and advocacy organisation based in Ramallah. Guide gives brief overview of how to investigation and document incidents in conflict zones. 

17. Israeli Antiquities Authority barricade tape. Found on the ground in area being prepared for the construction of a new section of the Separation barrier in the Cremisan Valley near Beit Jala. 

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