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8. Bedouin Sheikh

Arab ar-Rashayida, West Bank - Palestine


Giclée print

150 x 95cm


5/5 edition (+ AP)

The Bedouin communities of Arab ar-Rashayida live in the barren hills of the Judean Desert which is referred to by locals as simply 'the Wilderness'. Lands belonging to Arab ar-Rashayida have also been designated as a 'military firing zone' by the Israel Defence Force. This designation means that areas can possibly be used for military training at any time. It is also used to justify permanent forcible transfers of local indigenous communities, as presence in these zones requires a military permit. Approximately, 18% of the West Bank (30% of Area C) have been designated 'firing zones'. 

Locals spoke of times when they had been removed from their homes so the Israeli security forces can 'dry' practice house to house fighting and 'clearing' buildings in a village environment.

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